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Welcome to one of few places on the web designed to help you fight your psoriasis with diet and nutrition. You are most likely fed up of the repeated cycle of using what the doctor gives you, your skin clears but then flares up again. This website is for those who want to get rid of their psoriasis for good.

My name is Jon Maddison, and I have a YouTube channel which I have used to document my journey while healing psoriasis. My condition was rather chronic, and in September 2014 I decided enough was enough. Having seen people online who proclaimed success with diet, I wanted to give it a go.

Believe me, I was super sceptical. That scepticism was unfounded however, as once I began using a plant based diet to heal me from the inside, my results were incredible.

My aim is now to help psoriasis sufferers everywhere, for free, to be able to finally feel free in their skin. Check out the Psoriasis Buddy: Healing Diet Community on Facebook! You can join a community of like minded people on the path to healing, just by clicking below:

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This is not my day job!

I have a full time, anti-social houred job that pays the bills. If you wish to support me in my video making, website building, social media managing, and material writing then you can do so by Paypal. Any money received will go towards hardware/software (cameras, that kind of thing), running Facebook or Youtube adverts to spread awareness, or ingredients/products to feature in Youtube videos. Any amount is much appreciated and you will also get the opportunity to chat with me online (video or instant messaging). Thank you.

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Psoriasis Healing Food

You can find recipes by clicking the button below, which includes juices, smoothies, soups, main meals, snacks and desserts.


My Very Own eBook!

All of my research and best recipes are contained in a 100% free eBook, available as a downloadable Google document PDF. It even includes a 28 day meal plan, and is very comprehensive. Click below to download:


A New Day is on the Horizon

With natural healing, you really can change your life. Why not start today? Every day we have a choice in how we live and how we treat our bodies, make today a good day for your health.

The most inspiring video you will ever see? Perhaps, check it out to see my transition from psoriasis covered to psoriasis gone over six months of diet and lifestyle changes. Also includes comparison pictures from members of the Psoriasis Buddy Healing Diet Community Facebook group.

My YouTube Channel Page

Want the music in my videos?

Not surprising really, I am proud to showcase the awesome music by Scottish band Miavono. Please go and subscribe to their YouTube channel, follow them on Facebook and Instagram, and listen on Spotify, Amazon, Itunes and Soundcloud.