So, an introduction to me... I live in the city of Coventry in the United Kingdom, was born on the 16th May 1987 and became psoriasis ridden at the age of 16. Eleven years later, I discovered natural healing on YouTube, and well, here I am.

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This is no magic wand

I pride myself in being exceptionally honest with those who choose to follow my online material. I am NOT a doctor, nor am I a dietician, nutritionist, professional chef or Mr Universe 2009. All I am, is someone who found their path to health, and wishes to share it and help others. If your path differs from mine, then go in peace. Don't expect me to recommend things to make you feel more comfortable with your choices, i.e. meat. It ain't gonna happen. Healing takes time above all else, be gentle, settle in for the long haul, and enjoy (and document) the process.

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I am human...

I am indeed a real person, yet sometimes people treat me like Google. I will literally just get short messages like "how long does it take to heal?" or "are carrots ok?" Being just a single entity, I cannot realisitically reply to every query I get, particularly if it is a common one. I would ask that you join my Facebook group, and also read my eBook as between them, they contain all the info I would be able to give you anyway. Feel free to send me questions though, you may just see them appear in an FAQ Youtube video.

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My Psoriasis Healing Story

When I began my journey, my psoriasis was just starting to reappear following the UV treatment I had the year before. A few small spots were enough for the alarm bells to start ringing. I felt like my 'Cinderella moment' had arrived. By that, I don't mean I lost any glass slippers and had two ugly sisters ( I have two brothers though mwahaha). I mean that the year long clearance I had, with the accompanying confidence boost, was coming to an end. I felt like I was doomed to slide back in to what I used to be, a shell of who I am hiding myself from the world.

Something made me start researching psoriasis more. I came across a few examples online and on YouTube of people healing their psoriasis with diet and lifestyle changes. A few years ago, I was extremely closed minded to this idea, giving my mum a hard time for buying me Dr Pagano's 'Healing Psoriasis' book. Now though, I was ready to try anything. I had a real sense of excitement about what lay ahead of me.

I started off following another YouTuber's methods, who promoted a very high animal protein, low carbohydrate diet. This made me feel terrible. No question, without carbs, I was not myself at all. Also, ethically, I have never been a big meat eater. I was actually a vegan between 2010 and 2012 but fell off the wagon due to varying reasons (the main one being that I was just weak at the time).

So the need for carbs and my ethics came together in beautiful harmony when I discovered the vegan community in YouTube. Hours and hours of video watching, research, and reading scientific papers enthused me that this was the correct path. I effectively ditched the previous diet and started anew on a high carb, low fat vegan diet. I instantly felt a change in my wellbeing. Energy levels soared, I felt so much better  was like a different person. Importantly, my psoriasis also started to heal, and rapidly. Up until this, my skin had worsened to a point most of my body was covered in psoriasis. I soldiered on though, as I felt duty bound because of my YouTube followers. I am so glad I did.

The image above shows the progression of my healing journey. You can see my skin got really bad up to around week 12. I started the vegan thing around week ten, and you can see just how fast the clearance was. I was astounded. I strongly recommend anyone with psoriasis to try this. It is simply eating a plant based diet. Mainly raw, with loads of fruits. Stay hydrated, avoid potential triggers and I would be amazed if you don't see your own positive results. Come join me in natural healing, you won't regret it :-D

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